Matching needs and opportunities

It’s alive!

After almost 4 months of development, the beta version of the Semantics Engine (SE) is now available. The SE will power the Online PhD Hub platform and it will provide enhanced capabilities such as content annotation and classification, advanced search engine and filtering options, thus improving the matchmaking procedure among universities, companies and students.

To reach this milestone, a desk-research on scientific classifications was carried out. Subsequently, a core scientific graph was created, containing the main fields of science and their relation to domain-specific terminology. Furthermore, the infrastructure to create, curate and exploit the Knowledge Graph was also developed. We deployed and integrated a stack of tools, notably:

* VocBench a web-based, multilingual, collaborative development platform for managing thesauri

*Apache Stanbol which provides powerful content enhancement capabilities.

*RDFBrowser a Linked Data publisher.

If you want to know more details on how we achieved the semantic annotation of the PhD Hub, check the PHD Hub Core Graph at and download the report available in our resources section