HELPE Group – Call for Cooperation

  • Short Description of the Framework of Cooperation

    The general objective of this call is to develop research and innovation collaborations with academic and business/industrial partners. HELPE participates in a broad range of research projects focusing on:

    1. Technologies for reduced CO2 emissions in refining
    2. Digitalization in refining
    3. Fuels with reduced CO2 footprint
    4. Energy storage
    5. Renewable energy sources
    6. E-mobility

    The team that manages the R&D projects of HELPE is keen to receive proposals of cooperation for international projects, relevant to the aforementioned areas of the energy sector.

    We evaluate our participation in proposed projects according to:

    1. relevance to our activities,
    2. applicability and scalability of research outcomes and
    3. Group’s involvement in the project.

    Our goal is to support research teams that work in interesting projects, by providing feedback and consultation, as end users for pilot applications. Pilot case studies in our industrial processes and activities would give an insight on the feasibility and scalability of research developments. Potential outcomes could be joint publications, knowledge transfer activities and collaborations on specific patents. In the long run the Group aims to establish and support a network of researchers that work on cutting edge technologies in the energy sector.

    Short Description of the HELE Group

    HELPE is a dynamic Group of companies with solid foundations, holding a leading position in the Greek energy sector as well as in the greater area of Southeast Europe.

    The Group’s range of activities includes:

    • Supply, Refining and Trading of petroleum products, both in Greece and abroad
    • Fuels Marketing, both in Greece and abroad
    • Petrochemicals/Chemicals Production and Trading
    • Oil & Gas Exploration and Production
    • Power Generation & Trading
    • Renewable Energy Sources
    • Provision of Consulting and Engineering services to hydrocarbon related projects.
    • Participation in the transportation of crude oil and products (pipe-lines, sea transportation)

    The refining sector is the Group’s core activity, accounting for approximately 62% of the capital employed. In Greece, the Group owns three out of the four refineries operating in the country, holding approximately 65% of the Greek oil products wholesale market. It also owns the sole refinery in Skopje, Republic of North Macedonia.

    The Group’s domestic refineries in Aspropyrgos, Elefsina and Thessaloniki cover approximately 65% of the country’s total refining capacity, with a composite Nelson complexity index of 9.3. Their location (coastal refineries) and high complexity give them the competitive advantage of easy access to and processing of all types of crude oil that are available in the region. Furthermore, the logistics infrastructure offers a storage capacity of 7 million m3 for crude and products.

    ELPE Group strategy with respect to renewable sources is the development of a significant portfolio within the following years, through development on green field projects and acquisitions of mature or operational projects. Hellenic Petroleum Renewable Energy Sources S.A. (ELPE RES) manages the renewable energy portfolio of the ELPE group. Within its scope is the manufacturing, distribution and reselling of renewable energy sources and the participation in companies with similar activities. ELPE RES aims to develop a portfolio of renewable sources (wind, solar, hydro etc.) in the coming years in order to decrease the CO2 footprint of the ELPE Group (parent company of ELPE RES) by 250,000 tons per annum.

  • Enterprise: Hellenic Petroleum

    Project Coordinator(s): Jenny Leivadarou