Testers Wanted – Medical Mobile based app (Android, iOS)

  • Who are we?

    We are a team of software developers at Birmingham City University who were tasked to develop a mobile application to support research conducted by our collaborator Manchester University.

    We are led by academics, researchers and experts in their fields including associate professors and honorary lecturers. The dev team itself is a combination of students of all levels from an undergraduate level to PhD. The test team is composed of some internal students as well as yourself 🙂

    Our Stakeholder:

    The testing is conducted under the supervision of our partner and stakeholder from Manchester University:

    Dr Shuayb Elkhalifa

    Consultant Immunologist

    Honorary Lecturer, Faculty of Biology, Medicine and Health, University of Manchester

    Editor, Rheumatology


    Who do we need:

    Ideally, you’re a student of any field with no special technical superpowers. We will show you how to put the app on phones and what to look at when testing so it’s all a safe and guided process. You’ll have a chance to peek into a bleeding-edge research project and learn something new whilst meeting new people!

    If you are from any non-technical background please get in touch, HELS students preferred, but not limited to! Come learn about the testing process and more…

    This will be a few days of testing on the professional level. We will be testing an app and a website.


    The APP:

    This apps supports and enhances learning about drug allergies of non-expert medical staff. The testing procedure and how-to will be explained in the initial chat.

    This is an insight into cutting-edge research in immunology and allergy.

  • Institution: Birmingham City University

    Faculty: Computing, Engineering and Built Environment

    Project Coordinator(s): Rehan Bhana, Martin Svejda